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Danger is next neighbour to security. 危险是安全的近邻。
Danger itself is the best remedy for danger. 危险本身就是对付危险的最好办法。
Dead men tell no tales. 死人不会搬弄是非。
Death is the grand leveller. 凡人都要死,大家都一样。
Death meets us everywhere. 死亡到处和我门相遇。
Death pays all debts. 人死百债了。
Death when it comes will have no denial. 死亡来临时,无可抗拒之。
Deeds, no words. 不要光说不练。
Debt is better than death. 负债总比死亡强。
Deeds are fruits; words are but leaves. 行动是果实,言语只是树叶而已。
Deeds are males, and words are females. 言柔弱无能,行刚强有力。
Deep rivers move in silence, shallow brooks are noisy. 深水静静流,浅溪潺潺流。
Delays are dangerous. 坐失良机必有忧患。
Deliberate before you begin, then execute with vigour. 著手前要深思熟虑,执行要果断有力。
Deliberate in counsel, prompt in action. 考虑要仔细,行动要迅速。
Deliberating is not delaying. 慎思不是拖延。
Deliver not your words by number but by weight. 言不在多,而在有物。
Depend on others and you always repent. 依靠别人总要后悔。
Despair gives courage to a coward. 人急造反,狗急跳墙。
Destruction pursues the great. 树大招风。
Devil must be driven out with devils. 以毒攻毒。
Dexterity comes by experience. 熟练来自经验。
Diamond cut diamond. 强中更有强中手。
Diet cures more than the doctor. 药补不如食补。
Diligence is near success. 勤奋近乎成功。
Diligence is the mother of good luck. 刻苦是成功之母。
Diligence is the mother of success. 勤奋是成功之母。
Discontent is the first step in progress. 不知足是前进中的第一步。
Discretion is the better part of valour. 小心即大勇。
Disease, enemy, and debt --these three must be cut off as soon as they begin to grow. 病,仇与债这三者,一露苗头就砍掉。
Disease of the soul are more dangerous than those of the body. 心灵上的疾病比肉体上的疾病更危险。
Diseases are the price of ill pleasures. 疾病是不正当娱乐的代价。
Diseases come on horseback, but go away on foot. 病来如山倒,病去如抽丝。
Disgraced may be he who thinks ill. 心怀不端的人是可耻的。
Do as most men do and men will speak well of thee. 为众之所为,受众之所夸。
Do as the Romans do(or Do as they do at Rome). 入乡要随俗。
Do as you would be done by. 推己及人。
Do business, but be not a slave to it. 要做事,但不要做事务的奴隶。
Dog does not eat dog. 物不伤其类。
Dogs that bark at a distance bite not at hand. 远处叫得凶的狗,不会近身来咬人。
Dogs that run after many hares kill none. 多谋寡成。
Dogs wag their tails not so much in love to you as your bread. 狗摇尾巴,爱的是面包。
Doing is better than saying. 行胜于言。
Do in Rome as the Romans do. 入乡随俗。
Do not all you can, spend not all you have; believe not all you hear; and tell not all youknow. 不要为所能为,不要花尽所有,不要全信所闻,不要言尽所知。
Do not cut down the tree that gives you shade. 不要忘恩负义。
Do not despise your enemy. 万勿轻敌。
Do not give a dog bread every time he wags his tail. 不要有求必应。
Do not praise a day before sunset. 切勿褒贬过早。
Do not run too fast after gain. 不要见利就拼命追。
Do not speak of your happiness to one less fortunate than yourself. 不要向不如你幸运的人述说你的幸福。
Do not swap horses when crossing a stream. 处在危难中,不宜大更动。
Do no through fear of poverty surrender liberty. 不要因为怕贫苦而放弃自由。
Do not to others what you do not wish them to do to you. 己所不欲,勿施于人。
Do not wash dirty linen in public. 家丑不可外扬。
Don't cast out the foul water till you bring in the clean. 清水未来,莫泼赃水。
Don't count your chicken before they are hatched. 不要过早乐观。
Don't climb a tree to look for fish. 勿缘木求鱼。
Don't cross the bridge till you get to it. 不要杞人忧天。
Don't fly till you wings are feathered. 羽毛未丰不要飞。
Don't cry out before you are hurt. 还没受苦,就别叫苦。
Don't halloo till you are out of the wood. 没有脱离危险不要先欢呼。
Don't have thy cloak to make when it begins to rain. 切莫临时抱佛脚。
Don't keep all your eggs in one basketball.勿孤注一掷。
Don't put off till tomorrow what should be done today. 今日事,今日毕。
Don't speak all you know, but know all you speak. 不要尽言所知,而要尽知所言。
Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs. 休要班门弄斧。
Don't throw out your dirty water before you get in fresh. 清水未打来,赃水莫倒掉。
Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. 不要自寻烦恼。
Don't whistle until you are out of the wood. 没有脱离险境,不要过早高兴。
Do one's level best. 尽力而为。
Dot the i's and cross the t's. 一点一划,循规蹈矩。
Doubt is the key of knowledge. 怀疑乃知识的钥匙。
Do well is better than say well. 说得好不如做得好。
Downy lips make thoughtless slips. 嘴上没毛,办事不牢。
Draw not your bow till your arrow is fixed. 事未齐备,切莫妄动。
Draw water with a sieve. 竹篮子打水一场空。
Dream are lies. 梦不足信。
Dreams go by contraries. 梦想总与现实相反。
Drive your business, do not let it drive you. 要推动事业,不要让事业来推动你。
Drop by drop the oceans are filled; stone by stone the walls are built. 滴水汇大海,垒石诛高墙。
Drowning man will catch at a straw. 溺水的人一根草也要抓。
Drunken days have all their tomorrows. 今日花天酒地,明日潦倒穷途。
Drunkenness reveals what soberness conceals. 酒后露真言。
Dumb dogs are dangerous. 哑犬最凶恶。
Dying is as natural as living. 死亡与生存一样自然。

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